Who We Are

The Mission

SOS New York is a celebratory weekend organized by  New Yorkers for a Human-Scale City to to celebrate historic districts and human-scale neighborhoods. We seek to raise public awareness about the virtues of our great neighborhoods and the quality of life problems that threaten them.

New Yorkers for a Human-Scale City is an informal alliance of nearly 100 community organizations and civic groups concerned with tenants’ rights, preservation, parks and public space management across all five boroughs.

Lynn Ellsworth of the Tribeca Trust (an all-volunteer neighborhood organization) and Mario Messina of the 29 Street Neighborhood Association* (also an all-volunteer neighborhood organization) started the coalition and serve as joint, volunteer coordinators.

New Yorkers for a Human-Scale City* has no salaried staff and no offices.

This event is supported by the Historic Districts Council of New York.

* Recipients of the 2014 HDC Six To Celebrate Award and 2016 HDC Grassroots Award.

The mission of SOS New York (and other cities involved) is to celebrate historic districts and human-scale neighborhoods. We seek to highlight the importance of preserving the fabric of our neighborhoods and foster their organic growth for an acceptable “human-scale” future, avoiding over-density, the plundering of historic neighborhoods, and the seizing of our commonly shared light, air, gardens and iconic views.

On October 23, New York City, London, Paris, and The Hague will celebrate in unison these great cities’ historic districts achievements and promote, with the support of their communities, the need for better laws to correct zoning, gentrification, affordable housing, infrastructure improvements and quality of life issues.

The celebratory tone of the event will help raise awareness, in a positive and constructive way, about the importance of historic districts and human-scale neighborhoods for our cities, the benefits that they provide to the community, and the reason why the status quo dictated by some developers is not acceptable.

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